About me

In the world of training, nutrition and everything in regard to health, there are differing – even controversial – opinions. Years of worldwide acquired knowledge from experts gave Robin the opportunity to select what works and what doesn’t. Through his educational background, he was able to adopt a scientifically and practically proven method. This method has been used for decades by world’s most successful coaches such as Charles Poliquin and Wolfgang Unsold, and has proven the greatest results over and over again.

With the aim to deliver the highest possible quality and the fastest results for his clients, Robin keeps investing continuously into advanced education. Particularly because of his broad knowledge, his clear vision, and the results he achieves, he has been frequently asked to train top athletes. Yet, non-athletes with body composition goals form the biggest part of his clientel. 




Keeping his working method in mind he provides training for:

  • Professional tennis players (a.o. Alison van Uytvanck (WTA 50), Greet Minnen (WTA 150), Yannick Mertens, Benjamin D’Hoe (ATP 600), Top European Juniors (age 12, 14, 16))
  • Professional athletes: soccer players, swimmers, track and field athletes, basketballplayers,
  • Recreational athletes in different sport disciplines (marathon, triathlon, mont ventoux…)
  • Non-athletes with body composition goals (losing fat and/or gaining muscle mass)
  • Athletes and non-athletes with pain complaints
  • Business professionals
  • Clients of any age


“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein


  • Physical Education & Fitness (Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel)
  • YPSI Trainer A Certified Trainer (YPSI)
  • NASM International Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • T.O.P. Trainer level A (Overload Worldwide)
  • T.O.P. Trainer level B (Overload Worldwide)
  • T.O.P. Trainer level C (Overload Worldwide)
  • Mylogenics Activation (Overload Worldwide)
  • Mylogenics Release (Overload Worldwide)
  • Mylogenics Rehab (Overload Worldwide)
  • Advanced Mylogenics Practitioner (Overload Worldwide)
  • YPSI Certified Strength Coach (YPSI)
  • Applied Biomechanics in Strength Training (YPSI)
  • Advanced Program Design & Periodization (YPSI)
  • Functional Nutrition (YPSI)
  • YPSI Semi Private Internship (YPSI)
  • Functional Anatomy & Exercise Execution (YPSI)
  • Sportspecific Training (YPSI)
  • Movement Analysis & Pre-/Rehab (YPSI)
  • Nutrients, Hormones & Skinfolds (YPSI)
  • Functional Trainer (Postgraduaat, Functional Training Academy)
  • Cardio Trainer (Physical Coaching Academy)
  • Performance Physical Trainer (Vlaamse Trainersschool)
  • Trainer A Fitness – Personal Trainer (Vlaamse Trainersschool)
  • Trainer B Tennis (Vlaamse Trainersschool)
  • Spartanova Expert (Spartanova)
  • NASM Kettlebell Advanced Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • Movement Analysis (IM)
  • Program Design & Periodization for Sports Performance (FunctionalBody)
  • Mentorship ‘Motion2Move’ (IM)
  • Fascial Abrasion Techniques (Dr. Scappaticci)
  • Personal Hormonal Profiling (Overload Worldwide)